Uber Driver Adam Stephens Is Running Third In The Australian Open Golf

A man's gotta earn a living.

You know when you get in an Uber and you can just sense your driver is an astrophysicist or cellist or someone with some sort of hidden talent who's between jobs?

Adam Stephens is one such guy.

Stephens, 30, is a golfer who is currently equal third in the first round of the Australian Open at The Lakes Golf Club in Sydney. He's not the greatest ever to play the game, but he does have one professional tournament win to his name and is currently ranked 1939 in the world.

He's also an Uber driver.

"Mate my other job is Uber driving, that's the reality of being a golfer over here,"  Stephens told Channel 7's Jason Richardson after shooting an excellent round of 69 -- three under par.

"You've got to get a little part-time job unless you're a top five on the order-of-merit every year."

Stephens on the 8th hole today, being uber-effective out of the bunker.

Richardson then threw in a nice line, observing that since Stephens had driven the ball so beautifully all morning, he must be a good driver out there on the roads.

"Not bad, yeah," Stephens responded. "The rating could be a little better but I think it's about 4.93 at the moment."

Stephens is not Uber driving this week, so sorry everybody, he can't drive you home. And if you're interested in the golf, you can find the live leaderboard here.