Ouch! The World's Best Bowler Megan Schutt Has Ripped Out Her Big Toenail Six Times

Megan Schutt lists her interests as "coffee, chocolate, beach and sarcasm".

We definitely get the sarcasm part. Megan has a fantastic dry sense of humour.

But when she's not joking around, Megan Schutt is an outspoken advocate for the rights of same sex couples and -- oh, did we mention it? -- she's also the world's best T20 fast bowler.

10 daily caught up with Megan ahead of World T20 which starts this weekend, in the West Indies, and which Australia are strong favourites to win. We started, as ever, with the really big questions.

ANT: Hi Megan. You're not expecting this, but who would win a fight between a kangaroo and an emu?

MEGAN: A kangaroo because of the boxing and the power of that tail. What does an emu really have to fight with apart from their beak?

ANT: Well I’m traumatised by emus because when I was a kid an emu came and took a chop right out of my hand at a BBQ. It was horrible.

MEGAN: They are intimidating I will admit, but apart from the peck, they got nothin’. They’re gonna flick you with their feathers and that’s about it.

ANT: OK, next important question. You recently tweeted that beating the Kiwis was great because Kiwis are your second favourite fruit. What's number one?

MEGAN: Watermelon –- with no pips, obviously. Pips are annoying, no one needs them. And I'd probably have pineapple at number three.

ANT: This is such a hard-hitting interview. Oh by the way, can we call you "Schutter" -- as in "Shooter'? That's what your teammates call you, right?

MEGAN: Yep, that’s what everyone calls me. Megan and I’m in trouble.

ANT: Understand. If my wife calls me Anthony then I've definitely done something terrible. So Schutter, you're the best Twenty20 bowler in the world. Should we react with great respect and reverence.

MEGAN: You can bow to me if you like. I've actually always considered myself more of a 50 over player than a 20 over player

ANT: Well you’re number 2 on those rankings.

MEGAN: Yeah that’s the one I want. I want to be like Conor McGregor and hold two belts at one time.

ANT: I don’t think Conor McGregor holds ANY belts at the moment.

MEGAN: Not now, but he did.

ANT: OK, so the World T20 is finally here. Woohoo! Nice view from the balcony BTW. Are you feeling good?

MEGAN: Oh definitely. It feels like we’ve got the right formula at the moment. The Kiwi series was a good start and then we won all our matches against Pakistan over in Malaysia. Our batting lineup is just crazy and we pretty much cover every area with our bowling lineup, the ball goes both ways, swings both ways, so we’ll kind of be ready for any situation.

ANT: Australia has made the last four finals of the World T20 and won three of them. Are other countries catching up?

MEGAN: Oh for sure. Other countries have definitely caught up in the last two years. It used to be us, England and New Zealand. Now countries like India, Sri Lanka and South Africa have really caught up. So it makes for a great tournament.

ANT: You didn't mention the West Indies who are the defending champions and who beat Australia in the final last time.

MEGAN: They're also a front-runner being at home. But I think the pressure’s on them.

ANT: We need to talk about your batting, if indeed I can call it that.


ANT: Well : In the 87 matches for your country across all formats, you’ve never hit a 6.

MEGAN: Generally I don’t bat very often and I’m very happy about that because it shows our depth. I think if I’m batting, it means we’re in the shit. If they have pace on, that’s gonna work for me. But as soon as they put the spinners on, I’m already a walking wicket.

ANT: Well nobody's perfect. Except of course your beautiful fiancée Jess. Where did you two meet?

MEGAN: At the National Cricket Centre, which is so romantic!

ANT: Tell me more, tell me more.

MEGAN: I saw a cute girl behind the desk and I was like ‘I'm going to woo her’. So I started flirting with her and I kind of got a little back and I was like 'hang on here' and the rest is history.

ANT: I want more details of that history.

MEGAN: Well, she texted me by getting my number out of the CA system. Which I found rather funny at the time! I was so impressed by it because I was like, ‘no one really asks for a number anymore’.

ANT: True. And the wedding is?

MEGAN: On the 30th of March next year. We’re getting married in McLaren vale, a beautiful South Australian wine region.

ANT: Do you plan to upgrade from the thongs you wore last time you were in a winery?

MEGAN: Look, it depends because the wedding dress is going to be covering my feet anyway. I’m even thinking about bare-footing it or just wearing a little sandal because no one’s going to see my feet anyway. And trust me, you don't want to see my feet. They're cricket feet.

ANT: What's wrong with cricket feet?

MEGAN: They’re just ugly. A lot of fast bowlers lose their left toenail. I’ve lost it about five or six times from slamming the front of my shoe.

ANT: Fast bowling sounds like some sort of medieval torture.

MEGAN:  It’s only when it’s starting to die that the nail truly hurts. Once it’s actually dead it’s fine. Then when it’s off it’s even better because there’s no nail to actually hit the front of your shoe, so you quite enjoy the six months it takes to grow back.

ANT: During which time there's a lot of heavy padding in your shoe, surely.


ANT: You’re impervious to pain. I'm officially scared of you now.

MEGAN: I think it’s a fast bowler thing. I think it’s a thing you know is coming and you’re going to have to deal with. I don’t mind a bit of pain. I like to think I’ve got a bit of tolerance. I mean half my back is covered in tatts, you kind of learn to live pain when you’re an athlete, you’re never really pain-free.

ANT: What do some of your tatts say? Like the one around your neck?

MEGAN: That one says "Be a voice, not an echo". That’s probably my favourite quote. I guess I’ve always been pretty opinionated and if you meet my dad you’d find out how that happened. But I’ve never believed in really being the sheep. I’ve always wanted to do my own thing. I believe the only way to progress as an individual person is to get out there and figure out who you are and you’re not going to do that if you’re copying what everyone else does.

ANT: I love that answer. And I love this interview. Your answers, I mean, not my questions. Good luck in the World T20 and thanks for chatting to 10 daily, Megan. You are definitely a voice, not an echo.

MEGAN: Thanks Ant.