Bad Parenting Or Brilliant Thinking? You Judge This Dad Pushing His Goalie Son

Sometimes, you've got to do the wrong thing for all the right reasons.

When you go to junior sport these days, it's all about respect, about participation, and doing your best.

Over-zealous parental intervention is definitely not celebrated. In fact, there are often special zones for parents to stand in so they don't interfere with the kids.

Seems like nobody told that to one dad at an under-8s football game between CPD Llanilar FC and Bow Street FC in Wales this week.

Here's how the key moment played out.

Kid in yellow shirt is quite good. Kid dribbles. Kid beats defender. Kid crosses the ball towards goal. Goalie is not paying attention. Goalie is in fact facing the wrong way. Man (we assume coach or parent of goalie) pushes goalie to ground. Goalie stops ball.

That's right, the grown-up -- who did not have time to verbally tell the child to pay attention -- told him with physical force. And the goal was saved.

Well, the goal was saved for about a second. The rebound soon found its way to into the net. Never mind. Like we say, it's all about having a go.

So then. What should we make of this? Well, Australian football legend Timmy Cahill thought it was all a huge laugh.

And judging by the overall response out there on social media, there don't appear to be too many objections.

If you pause the video in the wrong spot, there are moments when it looks a little brutal.

But on balance, most people feel it was a piece of brilliant tactical thinking rather than a parent crossing the line -- even if it didn't actually prevent a goal.