Drunk Man Arrested For Riding Horse At The Races

Do not, repeat, do not try this at the Melbourne Cup tomorrow.

A man has been arrested in America for doing the sort of thing we really hope nobody tries at the Melbourne Cup meeting at Flemington tomorrow

At the Breeders' Cup meeting at Churchill Downs in Lexington, Kentucky -- the famous course which is home to the Kentucky Derby -- a drunk bloke mounted a horse and tried to ride it onto the track before he was stopped.

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According to local paper the Lexington Herald Reader, Kentucky State Police said in an arrest citation that:

"Michael Wells-Rody, 24, 'was manifestly under the influence of alcoholic beverages' when he snuck into a restricted area he was not authorized to be in' and took off on a horse."

The police citation went on to state that Wells-Rody made it out of the tunnel area and into the track entrance before he "became loud and disorderly" when asked to dismount.

He was eventually stopped and charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

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Without drawing direct legal parallels, you'd have to say this is definitely the silliness equivalent of pushing a policeman into the bushes.

If you're going to the Melbourne Cup tomorrow, keep it sensible, people. By all means, have a few. And by all means, back a few horses. But don't actually climb onto their backs, yeah?

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