New Embarrassing Low As Carlton Shafted From Prime Time TV

It's official. Nobody wants to watch Carlton. Not even Carlton fans.

The AFL released its fixture for the 2019 season today. You can read about that here. And while Carlton will start the season with a Thursday-nighter against Richmond, you won't be seeing much more of them on TV.

Thursday and Friday night footy is where the eyeballs and the advertising dollars are. The Blues played four Friday night games in 2017, but they did not play well, and TV ratings were way down.

The inevitable result? There will be no Friday night lights for the Blues in 2019.

The club was quick to put a positive spin on that, hailing the upcoming season of "family-friendly" footy at a "traditional afternoon" timeslot.

Nice try, guys.

But there's no denying this is a slap-in-the-face for the once great club which has finished 18th, 16th, 14th, 18th and 13th in the past five years.

And according to most, a deserved slap.

There were of course those who found some solace in watching the hapless Blues go around on Fridays.

Others made the very good point that Carlton has not only fared badly with the days on which it plays, but with the opposition it faces.

If you didn't get the joke, it's that Carlton finished bottom, so obviously it can only face teams above it.

In a small piece of positive news for the Blues, they play the Gold Coast Suns twice -- which means they can pencil in at least two matches in which they probably won't get beaten by more than 10 goals.