We Have A Serious Beef With This Absolute Cow Of A MotoGP Graphic

Think carefully before you answer this: what do you call a cow in Australia?

Give up? Not in the mooooood for riddles right now?

OK, we'll put you out of your misery. You call a cow in Australia "an Australian cow", that's what.

If that seems like the most ridiculously obvious thing you've ever heard, maybe go tell the graphics team on the international broadcast feed of the Australian MotoGp from Phillip Island.

(Or should that be the MooooootoGP?)

It was those helpful graphics people who saw a herd of future burgers in the grassy area beside the circuit during practice on Friday, and decided to take their coverage to a whole udder level.

Sure, the audience would know that these large bovine creatures were cows. Yes, they would also understand that the race is happening in Australia.

But would they put moo and moo together? Would they see the cows in Australia and understand that these are in fact AUSTRALIAN COWS???

In case they wouldn't, they put in a graphic to help us. That graphic says, quite simply, "Australian Cow".

Silly us, and we thought they were Ecuadorian alpacas.

Because as we have mentioned, that is a cow. in Australia. It's really not that complicated but someone obviously thought it was.

"That's rather stating the obvious," one British commentator said as the graphic showed up on screen.


Oh and by the way, we're pretty sure they're Angus cattle.

This we've deduced after contacting one of the farms near the Phillip Island circuit. While we didn't get through to "Steve" who runs it, there's a picture of Angus Cattle on his website which look just like the ones in the graphic.

Well they're definitely not koalas, who also flourish on Phillip island.

Aleix Espargaro of Spain and Aprilia Racing Team Gresini poses with a cow. WAIT, NO. A KOALA! Phew, thank god we now know the difference.

Or penguins, who also live on the island.

Thankfully, the penguins survived the tail squeezing craze of 2011.

Meanwhile, The MotoGp runs on Channel Ten all day Sunday and if you don't watch it, you're unAustralian.

Which those cows are not. Because they are very, very Australian. Are we clear on this yet? Good.