Winx Poo Is For Sale On eBay And Bidding Has Gone Potty

And in today's story you didn't think you'd read on the internet...

FRIDAY MORNING UPDATE: The ad has sadly been taken off eBay. We contacted eBay Australia to see what the deal is, and they told us that they removed the listing from the site as it was in breach of their policy.

"We don’t call out every single possible scenario but we do remove any animal faeces listings once we’re alerted," eBay Australia & New Zealand Head of Communications Sophie Onikul told us.

You can read eBay's policy on the matter here. Meanwhile Thursday's unaltered story is below.

Winx Poo is for sale on eBay. Yes it is. Yes it really, really is. If this information is not incredible enough, wait'll you see where the bidding is up to.


That's right, $510 for the droppings of Australia's greatest racehorse, who this Saturday tries to win an unprecedented fourth Cox Plate at Moonee Valley in Melbourne.

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eBay user andyman_12 gathered the steaming prize at Flemington on October 6, on the day the champion mare won the Turnbull Stakes for her 28th straight win.

The 27-year-old travelled from his home of Kilmore, about an hour north of Melbourne, for his first day out at the races after his mate got him a ticket.

Pooper scooping was definitely not the original plan that day. But as our man told ten daily, he was in the vicinity of Winx before the race when nature called. That's when the idea hit him.

"I saw my opportunity and I pounced," he said.

But where on earth did he put the stinking souvenir?

Winx Wins Turnbull Stakes At Flemington

"I actually had a few rice crackers in a zip lock back. I'd brought me own snacks 'cos I'm a bit short of a dollar. I never ate those snacks."

Onto the ground went the crackers. Into the zip lock bag went the Winx waste. And into the fridge it went when andyman_12 got home. It didn't occur to him to try to sell it at first.

"Originally I was just gonna keep it for myself, but the missus got sick of it sitting next to the leftover Bolognese in the fridge, so she told me to move it on.

"I thought I may as well chuck it up on ebay and someone might have a bit of interest in obtaining it."

Give andyman_12 credit for posting the best-worded eBay ad we have ever seen.

"For sale is the excrement of famous racehorse Winx.

This was picked up at Flemington race course on the 6th of October 2018 prior to race 5 commencing.

It was picked up in a zip lock bag and was never handled by human hands.

It has been refrigerated since and weighs approx 300 grams.

Don’t miss out on your chance to own a piece of history."

Is this all a load of crap? It is not. An initial bid of $200 was soon posted and as mentioned, bidding has now exceeded $500. That's around seven times the price of a framed Winx poster signed by her jockey Hugh Bowman.

"I had no luck on the punt that day so hopefully this pays off," andyman_12 told us.

By the smell of things, it already has.