We Can't Help Wondering What Aaron Finch Thinks Of This Cracker Of A Trophy

What were they thinking?

More to the point, what was Twenty20 cricket captain Aaron Finch thinking as he launched the series between Australia and Pakistan while holding this highly unorthodox piece of silverware?

We can't know.


But just as cricket commentators often speculate what players in the middle are discussing between overs, we can't help imagining the internal monologue inside Finch's head. Our guess is something like this:

"Tonight, we play the first match of a three game T20 series and I am holding a trophy which is a cracker.

That's right, a cracker.

I don't mean 'a cracker' as in 'an excellent thing'. I mean a cracker as in something you spread cream cheese on. Literally, a cracker.

No, I can't believe it either. On the positive side, at least this thing has no actual cream cheese on it. Wait, can we check there's no cheese? OK, phew. That's something.

I really should be focusing on the cricket here. After the disappointment of the Test series which we lost 1-0, this T20 series is a chance to make amends. Sadly, all I can think about is this bizarre biscuit-y prize.

Can you imagine the guy who went to the trophy store?

'Um, hi, so we'd like a cracker biscuit as a trophy because, y'know, some sponsor or something'.

Hate to be that guy.

I guess it could be worse. Did you ever see the Carribean League Trophy? What the actual.

We assume this team is cheering because they lost the final and don't have to take that hideous thing home.

Look, I get that the current series is sponsored by a cracker company.

But where does this end? The One Dayers this summer are sponsored by Gillett. Are we going to play for a giant razor? Will they create a huge greasy chicken drumstick for the winner of the KFC Big Bash?

I'll tell you something. In 2015, I held a stubby of beer in one hand and the World Cup in the other. That right there was a proper trophy.

He's got the whole world in his hands.

This cracker thing is pretty crumby in my opinion.

Prior to today, the most unusual trophy I'd ever seen Australia compete for was the Warne Murali trophy that we play for in Tests against Sri Lanka. At least there's a bit of an arty side to that.

Pup and Mahele Jayawardene can hardly bear to look at it.

Actually speaking of Warney, it's lucky he's not around to see the cracker trophy. He'd probably try to eat it."