Mundine Breaks Down Over Our 'White Supremacist' Anthem

An emotional Anthony Mundine says he will refuse to stand for the national anthem if it is played at his clash with Jeff Horn next month.

In a rare moment of sincerity, Mundine broke down during an open training session before his November 30 clash with Jeff Horn.

Speaking of the inequality and injustice faced by Indigenous people, a tearful Mundine said he would not stand for anthem if it were played after he left the dressing room.

Jeff Horn and Anthony Mundine face off during a press conference at Suncorp Stadium Photo: Getty

"If they play the anthem, I'm sitting down, I can't stand for that," he told the media.

"It's a white supremacist song."

At one point, the moment became too much for the boxer, unable to continue speaking about the adversity he had faced in his career.

When asked about the fight Mundine said he felt "at home" anywhere in Australia, he believes Horn doesn't have a hometown advantage in Brisbane.

"Every foot on this country, on this land, is my land," he said.

Mundine warned Horn he would be reduced to a 'myth' after the fight.

"I'm going to cut him real good, just like a watermelon, and then I'm going to eat him."

Mundine was supposed to be training for the fight at boxing legend Roy Jones Junior's camp in Florida but unexpectedly returned to Australia on Monday.

Horn and his camp called out Mundine last week, claiming he should lose part of his fight earnings for not pulling his weight when it came to pre-fight media commitments.

But Mundine insists this is not the reason he came back to Australia.

"I just felt in my heart that I needed to be home, close to my family," he said.

"He's been disrespecting me, talking about how he is going to knock me out," he said.

"I'm going to shut them all up."

Australian boxer Anthony Mundine reacts after his cruiserweight bout with Danny Green in  2017. Photo: Getty Images

The much-talked about fight Suncorp Stadium will be Mundine's last fight, and the former

"I'm going to go out in a blaze of glory."