UFC Fighters Answer Your Most Googled Questions About Them

You probably wouldn't ask them if they wear a groin cup during a fight, but you sure as hell Googled it. So we asked them for you.

UFC fighters get asked a lot of questions by reporters and fans, usually about their technique and training. But what does the general public want to know?

Turns out -- a lot.

So we asked Aussie UFC heavyweight Tai Tuivasa and UFC light heavyweight Tyson Pedro to answer your most Googled questions, and the answers were... interesting.

You can watch them answer a bunch of questions in the video above. The highlights include Tyson wanting to do a shooey from a groin guard and Tai having no clue how UFC is scored.

Here are some of your most Googled questions and the answers:

How is UFC even legal?

Tyson: We both sign a contract accepting the fact we’re gonna punch each other in the face, so why wouldn’t it be?

Can UFC fighters smoke weed? 

*Tyson and Tuivasa begin singing Afroman's 'Because I Got High'.*

Tyson:  It’s legal under USADA [The United States Anti Doping Agency] law, we get tested so it’s legal. Not in Australia though.

Are UFC fights fixed?

Tuivasa: It’s honest. It’s really honest. It’s hard to fake an MMA fight but definitely no.

Why is UFC  popular?

Tuivasa: Cause of me. Nuh. It’s many martial arts stuck into one, it’s fun.

Tyson: It’s true combat. People have that deep inner fight in them.

Why are UFC fighters short?

Tuivasa: We’re not short, but there’s a lot of small guys.

Tyson: Anything under middleweight you’re gonna get short ones.

Why Are UFC fighters’ ears swollen?

Tyson: They’re not actually swollen, the cartilage breaks in the ear and fills up with fluid and if you don’t drain it it goes hard. If you drain it and hit it again it can get bigger.


Tai and Tyson will both fight former UFC world champions at Fight Night Adelaide taking place on December 2 at Adelaide Entertainment Centre.

Watch the UFC Fight Night from 12pm Sunday December 2 on 10 Boss.  

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