Daniel Ricciardo's Fake Texan Accent Is The Best Thing Y'all Will Hear This Year


Daniel Ricciardo was making a decent fist of the US Grand Prix in Austin Texas, before the Aussie formula one ace's Red Bull broke down on the ninth lap and he punched a wall in frustration.

But while Ricciardo did not finish the race, he potentially won the heart of Texans -- and definitely the respect of piss-takers everywhere -- with his imperfect but hilarious fake Texan accent.

The 29-year-old Perth native's optimistic pre-race assessment contained a bull reference which would have pleased both his team bosses and the locals.

"Maaaah haawrns are shaawwrp. Ahhh aam comin' for bluuuuhd," he drawled.

Ricciardo actually did several pre-race interviews in his faux southern drawl -- partly because he likes a laugh, but also as a fun statement about the lack of US drivers in Formula 1.

When asked if he fancied his chances of making the podium, he amusingly referenced his "shoey" -- the act of drinking champagne out of his shoe on the podium.

"I don't know if they got any moonshine down here but I can tell you now, that'd be delicious," he said.

The interviewer above is British, and if you listen carefully he cracks up right at the end because he clearly gets the joke. What's unclear is whether Texans get it. Formula 1 is not the most high profile sport in America, and it's likely many locals don't realise Ricciardo is an Aussie.

This we confirm: that Ricciardo has done it before. In a interview before the 2016 version of the race, he was memorably asked a simple question: Donald or Hillary?

"Oh please Sir, don't throw that catastrophe upon me," Texan Dan answered.

Meanwhile, even a man with a great sense of humour has his limits, and Ricciardo was visibly unamused after his latest track mishap. Which is a polite way of saying he was pretty darned pissed off.

The power unit on his Red Bull went into complete shut down while the Australian was in fourth place after just eight laps. And just like that, his race was over.

His body language as he walked off said it all, and as mentioned, Ricciardo later punched a wall in frustration.

This was Ricciardo's seventh retirement in 18 races in 2018. He has not stood on a podium since winning the Monaco F1 Grand Prix in May. Season 2018 can now officially be filed away in the drawer marked: Frustrating As Hell.

"It’s just a crying shame for Daniel, I feel so sorry for him,” Red Bull boss Christian Horner told race broadcaster Sky Sports.

"It’s an identical power unit issue that he had in Bahrain where it’s just gone to a compete shut down... He was driving a strong Grand Prix and would have been right there too, so really just so frustrating for him."

Daniel Ricciardo Has Another Car Failure At USA Grand Prix

Ironically the engines in the Red Bull cars are supplied by Renault, and Ricciardo announced earlier this year he was off to the Renault team on a two-year contract starting next year.

Meanwhile, Ricciardo's teammate Max Verstappen finished second in the race after starting in 18th position, while Finnish driver Kimi Räikkönen enjoyed his first win since 2013.

Lewis Hamilton still commandingly leads the overall driver standings. Ricciardo is sixth, but he definitely leads the fake accent standings.