Australia's Newest Cricketer Just Took The Most Nuts Catch You Will Ever See

Marnus Labuschagne is counting his fortunes, and his...

When you field at silly mid on you have to have sharp reflexes, and Marnus Labuschangne has shown his are surely the sharpest.

The scoreboard will simply say c. Labuschangne b. Starc, but that won't tell the full story of this miracle catch on day one of the Second Test between Australia and Pakistan in Abu Dhabi.

Mitchell Starc bowled and opening batsman Hafeez middled it. It would have zipped to the boundary in a matter of seconds. But Labuschangne's groin got in the way. The ball then hit his leg, his knee, his calf, his knee again, before getting wedged between his crossed shins in some sort of bizarre yoga pose-cum-cricket catch.

Oh, he then remembered to grab it with his hand.

The third umpire had to take a look to figure it all out, eventually declaring the contorted catch legal.

It's a rite of passage that the new kid on the cricket block has to field at short leg, but if he keeps swallowing crazy chances like that Labuschagne might find himself parked there all summer.