The Moment A Baby Rolls Down A Hill At A Rugby Match Goes Viral

The baby took a tumble down a hill unexpectedly.

A woman has had the fright of her life as she watched her baby roll down a hill.

The woman and her group were sitting with their children on the grass hill at Tamworth's Scully Park watching the National Rugby Championships.

Image: Fox Sport/ Facebook/ Cook Island Men's 7's

The baby, who looks only to be a few months old, rocks forward before losing its balance and begins tumbling down the hill.

Realising the baby is picking up speed, the mother jumps up to stop the descent, only to slip herself -- but does manage to stop the child.

The moment was captured on Fox Sport, and was recorded by a keen-eyed viewer who posted it on Facebook.

"A baby casually rolling away at the rugby in Tamworth today. Country players are built tough from the get go," the post said.

It appears unhurt and with a video that will surely be played at their 21st.