Could This Weird New Sport Break The Olympics?

Every two years something amazing happens in the world of sport. The best young athletes in the world come together in a test of strength, speed, skill and fitness. 

The event is known as the Youth Olympics, but it's not all just 100 metre sprints and lifting heavy weights.

Break Dancing

Yes, you read that right. Break dancing, also known as breaking, is an Olympic sport.

One of the debut sports added to the calendar this year, it's also one of the more niche events at this pinnacle of sporting excellence.

Twelve male and female dancers aged between 16 and 18 compete in judged and scored 'battles' which culminate in a final gold medal decider.

The dancers are judged by a panel of five on categories such as creativity, personality and musicality to decide the victor.

Russia's Bumblebee took out the gold medal with a spectacular routine during  the boys event on Monday, while Japan's Ramu Kawai claimed gold as she beat her Canadian rival, Emma Misak in the girl's final.

Roller Speed Skating

Another sport making its debut at the Olympics is Roller Speed Skating.

With all skaters competing over three different stages, the 500 and 1,000 metre sprints as well as a 5,000 metre elimination is an event that calls for endurance as well as speed.

Speed Skating at the Youth Olympics: Photo Credit: AAP

The women's event competition was won by Gabriela Rueda of Colombia, who saw off competition from France's Horoaine Barrault to claim the gold medal.

Meanwhile, in the men's competition  Rueda's fellow Colombian, Jhony Andres Reina took the gold medal, with Italy's Vincenzo Maiorca and The Netherland's Merijn Scheperkamp making up the rest of the podium.


Eleven-a-side-football has been on the Olympic Programme for more than a century. But futsal -- the small sided version of the game -- has finally made its way into the Youth Olympics.

Futsal is played in over 150 countries around the world as a 5-a-side game on a far smaller pitch than its more famous 11-a-side cousin.

In the pick of Wednesday's matches, Brazil will face Iran fresh off a crushing six goals to one victory over Russia. In the women's competition Cameroon will take on Portugal.