Video: Opponent Saves Player Choking On His Own Tongue

It was a quick thinking teammate that saved the life of French footballer Romain Salin, who swallowed his own tongue during a soccer match in Portugal.

As Sporting Lisbon's goalkeeper, Salin made an almighty save in the match against Portimonense on Sunday. After stopping the ball he flew, neck-first, into the the goal post. His body swung around the outside of the net and Salin was left piled on the ground.

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Former Liverpool player Sebastian Coates ran to Salin's rescue, quickly recognising the accident had caused him to swallow his own tongue.

Salin was choking, his airways completely blocked by his tongue, which  had been forced down his throat by the impact of the fall.

Salin collided with the post, which caused his tongue to block his airways. Image: AP.

Coates flipped the goalie on his back, called for medical help and then thrust his hand into Salin's mouth, where he worked vigorously to free his tongue from his throat.

Salin was taken to hospital where he was treated and has since been released.

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Coates went on to score a goal during the match, however Sporting suffered a surprise 4-2 loss to Portimonense who are currently sitting in spot 13 on the Primeria Liga leaderboard, where Sporting is coming fifth.

Featured Image: AP. 

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