Huge Crowd Brawl Erupts After McGregor Loses At UFC229

Chaos has erupted in Las Vegas with a massive melee breaking out after Khabib Nurmagomedov claimed victory over Conor McGregor.

After just four rounds, McGregor was forced to tap out of the fight after being dominated throughout by his Russian opponent at the T-Mobile Arena.

Responding to a taunt in the made by McGregor's teammate Dillon Danis, Nurmagomedov jumped out of the Octagon and began throwing punches.

It quickly turned into an all-in brawl, when Nurmagomedov's team members -- who are also fighters -- then jumped into the cage and began attacking McGregor.

Video shows McGregor standing inside the cage away from the melee, when he is king hit from behind by a man in a red shirt who has climbed over the cage.

Dana White, President of the UFC, refused to present Nurmagomedov with the title belt in fear of enraging the crowd further.

"If I put on you... people might get hurt," White told Nurmagomedov in the cage.

Nurmagomedov was escorted from the arena surrounded by dozens of security guards.

White confirmed three of Nurmagomedov's team members have been arrested.

"The three guys that were involved in the incident, well I believe it was those three, they're on their way to jail right now," he said after the incident.

However he has since confirmed McGregor has refused to press charges and the three men have since been released.

All fighters who jumped into the ring during the brawl will never fight in the UFC again, White said.

McGregor has been paid his $70 million purse, but White said  Nurmagomedov's $2.8 million has had been withheld.

"I guess they [the Nevada State Athletic Commission] looked at some tapes, and they made a decision to give Conor McGregor his cheque, but they're still withholding Khabib's," White said.

More to come.