Buckle Up And Watch These Bathurst Boys Commentate Their Epic Victories

And losses.

Most sporting heroes remember their exploits from their position on the field. We spectators usually remember them for either sofa or stadium.

Bathurst winners remember their victories inside the cage of their car, zipping past the crowd at dizzying speeds.

So we got some of the most famous Bathurst champions to take a look at their wins (and excruciating losses in Whincup's case) from our side of the camera, and commentate themselves taking the crown, or watching it slide, as King of the Mountain.

Craig Lowndes picked up the microphone to relive his 2006 win, one of six the veteran driver won in his famous 888 car.

We also got Jamie Whincup and Chaz Mostert to go talk us through their infamous 2014 battle, where Whincup's car -- then leading the race -- ran out of petrol within sight of the finish line. Mostert would pounce as Whincup's car gave out, taking an unexpected win.


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