Not Spewing On The Final Lap Was Priority For Bathurst Winner

It takes quite some willpower to stay focused for seven hours, but as he set off for the last of 161 laps last year, David Reynolds had something else in mind.

"I was thinking about not throwing up," he admitted in a ten daily Facebook Live interview with Ten's Head of Sport Matt White on Tuesday.

"I was so nervous, I was dry retching... my biggest concern was not throwing up, I didn't want spew coming from under my helmet when they cut to me on the in-car camera."

Reynolds, who won the The Great Race last year with co-driver Luke Youlden, spoke to ten daily on the eve of 'the great race'. He is hoping to go back-to-back with another win in 2018, and talked us through his preparation.

"I look at Bathurst as just another race. We put the same amount of preparation into ourselves as we do any other race, it's just the car that gets more attention to detail," he said.

"We've got driver changes we've got to perfect. To get in and out of the car, strap your belts in within 15 seconds, it's really really hard. It takes a lot of hours training it, a lot of bruises, because when you're trying to get into such a small space, you're smashing into the bars," he said.

"Everyone ends up with bruises down their elbows and their legs and stuff. It's quite a painful thing to go through."

Reynolds and Youlden won last year in a time of seven hours and 11 minutes, almost as long as an entire regular office work day. Reynolds also gave a glimpse into where the mind wanders while sitting behind the wheel of a Supercar for hours on end.

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"When you're leading a race, you can be thinking of anything; what you're having for dinner, what your missus is doing, any weird stuff pops into your head and you cant explain why. But you're driving the car on the limit, and you're thinking what you're having for dinner, it's kind of scary," he joked.

While he was focusing on not vomiting inside his helmet, Reynolds was also enjoying the final lap. He said the knowledge that he was about to win the famous race kicked in when he was at the top of the fabled Mount Panorama, and he even remembers what was going on outside his car at the time.

"You could see all the fans and the flags waving. Most drivers say they can hear them, but they're lying. They're full of themselves," he said with a laugh.

"You can't hear them, you've got 650 horse power revving in front of you at 7500 revs, ear plugs, helmet, you can't hear anything."

Reynolds also said that his last job before going pro as a driver was as a dental technician, making false teeth. He also promised that if he won again this weekend, he would do his trademark 'shoey' celebration.

"Guaranteed," he assured us.


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