Soccer Star Celebrates Goal By Sculling A Flying Beer

It was a case of pure skill when this soccer player scored a goal and then chugged a beer he caught from the crowd.

He was only on the field for six minutes when Hammarby's Kennedy Bakircioglu sent the crowd into a frenzy with a stunning free kick from 30 yards (about 27 metres) against IFK Gotebord in Sweden.

With his team in the lead 3-0, Bakircioglu then celebrated with a drink. He caught a plastic cup of beer, one handed, thrown from a fan and took a well deserved gulp.

And he didn't spill a drop.

Image: Getty

Never before has a cold one been sculled with such technique and skill, making the 37-year-old midfielder the most legendary beer drinker ever and a possible Australian Of The Year Nominee ... he's also a damn good football player.

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