Wait Till You See The Audacious Move Ben Simmons Just Pulled Off

Ben Simmons just reminded everyone why he is Ben Simmons, and we're not.

In the overnight game between his Philadelphia 76ers and Australian NBL reigning champs Melbourne United, the 22-year-old Australian pulled off a play which has everyone going "wow".

And also going, "Wait, what actually happened there? Can you even do that?"

What happened was that Ben Simmons' brain worked very, very fast. His hand too. Look at him. He starts with the ball on the three point line. Not much is on. At this point, most players would have just dished the ball off to a teammate.

Simmons? He had a much better idea.

He threw the ball to the backboard, caught the rebound himself and passed to a teammate, who duly completed a regulation layup.

What makes this play really great is the way Simmons uses the backboard as a sixth player. As mentioned, it was both super smart and perfectly executed.

For the record, the 76ers beat United 104-84. The NBA season starts on 17 October.

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Feature Image: Getty Images