Moana Hope Walks Out Of Event After Mick Malthouse AFLW Comments

Former AFL coach Mick Malthouse has defended comments he made about the women's AFL league which prompted star Moana Hope to walk out of a public event.

Malthouse, the former Collingwood and Carlton coach, told ABC Radio Melbourne on Friday morning that his comments were misunderstood. He said he's not against women playing the sport, but doesn't like the form it currently takes.

"I'd rather see them with a smaller ball. I'd rather see it without tackling. I'd rather see it without any heavy bumping," he said.

Malthouse also said two of his granddaughters play AFL and that they had expressed to him they don't want to play a sport where there is a chance of injury.

Malthouse has defended his comments about the AFLW. Image: Getty Images.

Malthouse's original comments were made at an event in Ballarat on Thursday, where he said AFL is a "man's game" and that a modified version of the game for women would prevent injuries.

In response to this, Hope walked out of the function.

Later on Thursday, Hope said in an Instagram story that she was "embarrassed, ashamed, humiliated and disgusted" by Malthouse's comments.

Moana also wrote about the comments on her Instagram story. Image: Instagram.

Hope also said in an Instagram post that every person deserved to play by the official AFL rules.

"I love OUR game and I will never, ever let anyone tell me or any girl that we don’t belong or deserve to pull this jumper on at this level. We are one," Hope wrote.

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