'You F**cking Beauty!': Mourners Give Jarrod Lyle The Perfect Farewell

The public memorial service for Jarrod Lyle, the much-loved golfer who died of leukaemia on August 8, was held in Torquay, Victoria, today.

It was a lovely service from start to finish, with family, friends and fans asked to wear casual attire and yellow hats, in support of the Challenge charity, which supports kids with cancer, and for whom which Lyle did much work.

But the best moment was surely at the end when everybody at the service called out "You Fucking Beauty!" in unison.

Why on earth did they all yell that?

Allow us to explain.

In 2011, when Lyle was playing on the PGA Tour in America, he hit a hole-in-one on the 16th hole at the Phoenix Open in Arizona.

This is no ordinary golf hole. Dubbed "The Stadium Hole", it is encircled by huge stands which are always packed with very, very rowdy fans. If you'e going to hit a hole-in-one anywhere in the world, that's the place to do it.

So Lyle did it.

Immediately afterwards, he gestured to the crowd to get around him, and yelled those immortal three words. Understand this: this was not a vulgar, boofheadish moment. It was a wonderfully exuberant Aussie just being himself. And oh, did the crowd love it.

You can see the moment in the tweet below. Just get past Tiger Woods hitting his hole-in-one and you'll see Jarrod and be able to read the unmistakable words which pass his lips.

How fitting that he was sent off with that phrase in Torquay today.

Afterwards, yellow balloons were released by his wife and daughters.

For them, the sadness will never pass. But today was further confirmation that Lyle was loved like few people in Australian sport, or indeed in any avenue of public life.