Things Went Horribly Wrong For This Singer At The Grand Final

It's one of the biggest dates on the footy calendar, but for one singer, it will be a day she hopes to forget.

Penina Namakadre was given the honour of singing the national anthem at the Grand Final for the Queensland Intrust Super Cup.

And, for the first four lines of the anthem, Namakadre was doing great -- but then things went horribly wrong.

Penina Namakadre. Image: Nine Wide Of World Sports

Instead of singing "our land abounds in nature’s gifts,", Namakadre skipped an entire verse, and started with "for all of those" -- until she realised her mistake.

Two words in, she trailed off into a unintelligible mumble, albeit in tune with the music.

Image: Nine Wide World Of Sports

Not one to give up, she kept going, throwing in an "across the seas" and "with boundless plains to share" at various points throughout the awkward period.

The confused looks and sly grins on the players' faces pretty much said it all, and to their credit, they kept singing the right words, as if to will her back on track.

Eventually Namakadre found her place again, and finished off the anthem in style.

Image: Nine Wide World Of Sport

For the record, the Redcliffe Dolphins claimed a 36-22 win over the Easts Tigers, and will be playing the NSW Cup winners Canterbury Bulldogs next week.

Feature Image: Nine Wide World Of Sport