Mascot Accidentally Shot Himself In The Groin

It's not uncommon for players to get injured, but this team mascot landed himself on the injury list revving up the crowd.

It was a tough day at work for the mascot of the Colorado Buffaloes, after he fired a t-shirt cannon into his groin.

The mascot, named Ralphie, had been shooting t-shirts in the crowd, when he pulled the trigger -- only for the cannon to be pointing the wrong way.

Almost instantaneously, he falls to the ground after the below the belt hit.

In bizarre scenes, he was driven off the field to a standing ovation from the Folsom Field Stadium.

The Colorado Buffaloes, the gridiron team for the University of Colorado Boulder,  have a history of great mascots -- this is a team that used a real buffalo as their mascot last year.

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Image: Getty Images

But all is well for Ralphie, he returned after half-time in a show of dedication.

Feature Image: Getty Images