'We Never Had Signals': Serena Williams Disputes Coaching Claims From US Open

"If you're a female you should be able to do even half of what a guy can do"

Serena Williams has again denied allegations she received tips from her coach during the U.S. Open final, and reaffirmed her belief that sexism played a role in the controversial penalties she received during the match.

Williams spoke exclusively to The Project's Lisa Wilkinson, in an interview to air next Sunday. The tennis star disputed the umpire's claims that her coach, Patrick Mouratoglou, had made hand signals to her during the game.

The controversial call, which Williams hotly denied during at the time, was the catalyst which saw a series of penalties levelled against her, including being docked a point then later fined $25,000 for smashing her racquet.

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"He said [Mouratoglou] made a motion. I don't understand what he was talking about. We have never had signals," Williams claimed.

The 23-time grand slam winner also makes explosive claims against the tennis world in general, saying men are treated differently to women on the court.

"I don't understand. If you're a female you should be able to do even half of what a guy can do," she said.

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During the game, while pleading with the umpire, Williams said "this has happened to me too many times. You know how many other men do things that are much worse than that?"

The full interview will be aired on The Sunday Project next week from 6.30pm.