Which Long-Suffering AFL Fans Deserve The Premiership Most?

Wait for it...

Ask any AFL fan and they'll chew your ear off as to why they deserve the Premiership. But which fanbase really has been put through the ringer by their club?

With the teams now down to eight and the first final kicking off tonight, here's our definitive list -- based on how long it's been between drinks -- of which fans deserve this year's Premiership most. Or least. Well, you get our drift.

8. Richmond Tigers

It was a looooooong 38 years without a Flag, but the Tigers well and truly roared last season and it's time to give someone else a go. Sharing is caring and all that...

He was Dusty the next morning too. Image: Getty
7. Hawthorn

The bloke who engraves the Premiership trophy is really, really tired of writing this team's name.

A hat-trick of titles between 2013 and 2015, and another in 2008, makes them the most successful club this decade. That's just greedy.

Sorry, Hawthorn fans, but you guys have forgotten the meaning of suffering.

6. Sydney Swans

Had we been writing this 20 years ago, the Swannies probably would have been number one on the list. But it's not 20 years ago, and it's been a pretty good couple of decades for the Red and White.

The Swans last picked up a Flag in 2012, but admittedly have suffered crushing defeats in Grand Finals since (nobody mention 2014 in the Harbour City). Even so, we think they can wait a little bit longer.

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5. Geelong Cats

A mere decade ago the Cats seemed unbeatable -- three titles in five seasons was an immense achievement.

But for a club that made a habit of winning, recent history hasn't been so kind. 2011 was their last win, and their last Grand Final appearance.

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4. Collingwood Magpies

It may be an opinion as unpopular as the Pies' fans themselves, but they probably deserve  a little bit of happiness (but not too much).

Coach Nathan Buckley has been under huge pressure after missing out on finals football in the past few seasons. But this season he could be heading for Coach of the Year.

Safe to say that every other fan other than Collingwood fans will be happy to see him and his team fail.

3. West Coast Eagles

The year 2006 seems like a lifetime ago. Ben Cousins was at his peak and ASADA wasn't on their radar.

But much like Ben Cousins, it's been a fall from grace for the Eagles. Despite regular finals appearances, they've not been able to take home a win for their fans. We think it's about time they had something to cheer about.

2. Melbourne Demons

Oh boy. It has been 54 years between drinks. You can't get thirstier than that! The Dees are the oldest club in the country, but have spent much of the time since 1964 in the proverbial wilderness.

They've never even won a minor premiership -- their highest placing was second back in 2000, which was also the last time they made a Grand Final appearance.

It's been a tough time. Image: Getty

It's their first finals series in 12 years, and for the sake of the Demons' fans, we hope they can go all the way.

1. GWS Giants

Pay your dues.

Giants fans may not have experienced that title-winning feeling, but the team has only been around for seven years. Fans have to earn the right to a Premiership through disappointment and despair. And lots of it.

Statistically speaking, Giants fans have to wait another 11 years -- the average wait time from a club's inception to their first title is 18.1 years.

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