Thurston For Sport This Weekend? Here's What To Watch

If you're like us and the thought of the weekend's sport is getting you through Friday, read on.

JT's Final Game

It doesn't matter what side of the state line you're on, Jonathan Thurston is a bloody good player.

But on Saturday, JT will be running out with the North Queensland Cowboys for the last time, bringing an end to one of the most glittering careers the NRL has seen.

The Cowboys may have flirted with the wooden spoon this season, but they'll be giving it their all against the Titans for their captain, in what is sure to be an emotionally-charged game.

A-League To Be ThunderStruck... Sort Of

Usain Bolt will be making his debut for the Central Coast Mariners on Friday night in a friendly against the Central Coast Select -- a team made up of amateur players from the NSW Central Coast.

Spare a thought for Bryce Fielder, who will be lining up against Bolt and tasked with controlling him on the left wing.

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While Bolt is used to millions of eyes on him, it'll be a new experience for the other 21 players on the pitch -- 12,000 people are expected to turn out to watch the World's Fastest Man embark on his new career.

Aussie Flag Still Flying At The US Open

The final Grand Slam of the year is underway, and we've still got a few Aussies left in the (Flushing) Meadows.

We've created a checklist for you while you're watching: 

  • Nick Kyrgios has a whinge on court
  • Nick Kyrgios attempts a trick shot
  • Nick Kyrgios retires hurt from the match
  • Nick Kyrgios says something dumb in his press conference
  • Serena Williams' outfit is better than yours
  • Roger Federer is a perfect gentleman
  • A commentator says something about it being really hot. (It gets hot in summer, who knew?)

College Football Is Back

College football kicks off this week, and while it sounds bizarre to Australians, millions around the world tune in to watch university students play ball.

College football is a billion-dollar business, yet not a single player is technically paid. Instead they are offered scholarships to the universities and some will be given allowances for food and clothing.

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But be successful in college football and you could earn yourself a draft pick with a major NFL team.

The brilliance of this 'amateur' league is it is not perfect -- as the players aren't professionals there are bound to mistakes. But on the flip side, you get moments of absolute magic made out of pure talent.

Do yourself a favour and check it out.

The Frisbee Is Cool Again

The NSW Mixed Ultimate Frisbee Championships are going country this weekend, with the best teams in the state descending on Bathurst.

If you don't know what Ultimate is, think touch footy, frisbees and BRUTALITY -- mainly because there aren't any referees(!).

This is a sport that doesn't care if you're a man or woman, you will come off that field feeling equally as bruised.

AND In Afl This Week...

Oh, that's right. They're having that silly week off.  While they're prepping for the finals you can watch what will surely be a contender for mark of the year.

Quote Of The Week....

We're going to give this to old mate José Mourinho.

The Manchester United manager's ego knows no bounds, and is still going strong despite leading the Red Devils to their worst season start in 26 years.

After a 0-3 thumping by Tottenham Hostpur on Sunday, Mourinho stormed out of the post-match press conference holding up three fingers.

Jose Mourinho's Dummy Spit

“Do you know what this means, three nil, but it also means three Premierships and I’ve won more Premierships alone than the other 19 managers together."

"“Three for me and two for them."

After this season, José, it'll be three for you and three for them.

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