Cricket Australia Denies New Corruption Claims From Al Jazeera Documentary

Cricket Australia has denied fresh allegations of player corruption to air in new Al Jazeera documentary.

While Australian cricket is trying to rebuild itself after the ball-tampering scandal, Al Jazeera is re-opening wounds with a documentary into corruption in the game.

The documentary is a follow-up to an Al Jazeera investigation that was released three months ago, and will claim former and current Australian players are guilty of corruption during matches in 2011.

ricket Australia CEO James Sutherland speaks to the media during a press conference at Melbourne Cricket Ground on March 25, 2018 in Melbourne, Australia. Sutherland was responding to reports of ball tampering by the Australia Test team in South Africa. Image: Getty Images

The corruption claims made by Al Jazeera were dismissed by CA CEO James Sutherland in a statement, after CA's Integrity Unit investigated them.

"Although not having been provided an opportunity to review any raw audio or footage, our long-standing position on these matters is that credible claims should be treated very seriously, and investigated," he said.

"We have handed all material over to the ICC (International Cricket Committee) Anti-Corruption Unit to enable them to fully investigate and we will continue to cooperate with the ICC."

Sutherland also asked Al Jazeera for access to all footage to assist in any further investigations.

CA and the ICC were denied access to raw footage from the first documentary, hampering the ICC's Anti-Corruption Unit's own investigation.

However, the ICC launched an appeal on Tuesday into finding an alleged match-fixer identified in the first Al Jazeera documentary.