Lightning Bolt Strikes Central Coast As Usain Trains For First Time

He looked like a kid turning up at his first day at school.

He's the eight-time Olympic gold medalist and 11-time world champion sprinter who today is about to make his most audacious sprint, but in a different sport.

Usain Bolt arrived at Central coast Stadium in Gosford not looking as brash as we most know him as.

In fact, he looked like a kid turning up at his first day at school.

A-League club-the Central Coast Mariners have granted the Jamaican a trial in the hope they can turn him into A-League material before the season's kick-off in October.

Usain Bolt during his first training session with the Central Coast Mariners A-League squad at Central Coast Stadium on August 21, 2018 in Gosford, Australia. (Photo by Tony Feder/Getty Images)

The question is why? Why is someone that's so famous in one particular sport want to put himself out there in the risk of failing?

Maybe his life is empty without sport.

Maybe he wants a team environment for a change because a running lane is a lonely place -- no one to rely on, just himself.

Now he'll have to rely on others to get him over the line.

As I watch his first few touches with the ball at his feet he looks competent. But so are most of the others on the turf, which has a lightning bolt mowed into the middle of the ground.

Will the Mariners sign him? Well, even if he's not up to standard -- imagine the sales of shirts both here and overseas -- they'll make a fortune.

It could quite possibly be the great marketing ploy in the history of Australian sport.

Every stadium would be filled -- even if the people there don't like football. Today is Usain's 32nd birthday and he's having the cake and eating it too!