English Soccer Team Paints Dressing Room Pink To Psyche Out Opposition

The Championship team needs all the help they can get.

English soccer club Norwich City has upped the ante with mind games this season, hoping to put off their opposition.

The Championship side has painted the away dressing rooms at Carrow Road a deep pink.

The thinking behind the move is pink lowers testosterone and supposedly has a calming effect which they hope will translate to a weaker opposition.

They've only played two matches at Carrow Road since the paint job so far -- a 4-3 loss to West Bromich Albion and a 3-1 win over League Two minnows Stevenage. So TBA on how the decor change is working out for them.

Norwich had a stint in the Premier League in the 2016/2017 season, but have been languishing in the second tier since.

They're going to need all the help they can get to join the Big Boys back at the top.

Mind Games From Other Teams And Their Fans
Chelsea (England)

You'd expect a club owned by a Russian oligarch would provide state-of-the-art equipment, and it does -- for the home team. The away team isn't so lucky.

The away dressing room is a minefield of mind games, benches are set low to the ground while clothes hooks are unusually high -- to increase the stress on player's legs by forcing them to stretch (just what you need when you have to chase Eden Hazard around for 90 minutes).

The manager's tactics door is also placed on the back of a door... that has to be kept open as it's a fire exit.

As players exit the dressing rooms they also walk past narrow mirrors, designed specifically to make the player appear smaller than they are.

Chelsea's away dressing rooms. Image: Getty Images

The whole country got behind their team in a do-or-die match against New Zealand to qualify for the World Cup.

Repeated travel delays, 3am fireworks outside their hotel and a pesky military flyover with the words "Vamos Peru" written on the plane's wings hampered the Kiwis in their preparations.

Peruvian witch doctors were even called on to curse the opposition.

But Peru didn't mind being called cheats, they booked their spot in Russia.

Iran Fans

Iranian fans in Russia did their best to put off Portugal before their final match of the World Cup group stages.

Camping outside the Portuguese team's hotel overnight, they chanted and sang in an effort to keep their opponents awake.

Besiktas (Turkey)

The fans for Turkish club Besiktas are known to create a hostile environment, and it became too much for one visiting player in 2017.

Leipzig player Timo Werner asked to be substituted after just 32 minutes during a Champions League match due to "hearing issues", caused by the cacophony of noise coming from the stands.

Werner tried using ear plugs and can be seen holding his hands over his ears, but was overcome by dizziness and "circulatory problems".

And finally, the King of Mind Games -- Sir Alex Ferguson

Fergie was known for dropping comments that would set off opposition coaches.

There was the time then-Newcastle coach Kevin Keegan gave the most passionate press conference you'll ever see in response to a Ferguson comment.

And the time then-Liverpool coach Rafael Benitez went on a bizarre rant about Ferguson in front of press. The ensuing breakdown from Benitez meant he didn't last much longer at Liverpool.

But no matter what you think of Fergie's mind game tactics, you can't deny the facts -- he is still the most successful manager the Premier League has ever seen.