Two-Time Italian Soccer Champions Fans 'Ban Women'

"In the trenches, we do not allow women, wives and girlfriends."

Ultras of Serie A club Lazio have called for women to banned from the 'sacred space' inside the stadium.

The fanatical supporters of the club distributed flyers throughout the crowd during their first round match with Napoli on Monday night, 'banning' women from sitting in the Curva Nova.

The  Curva Nova is the area behind the goals where the Ultras and die-hard fans sit.

Image: Riccardo Cotumaccio Facebook

"An environment with an unwritten code to be respected," it read.

"The first few rows, as always, have been experienced like the trenches.

"In the trenches, we do not allow women, wives and girlfriends, so we invite them to position themselves from the 10th row back."

The club has distanced themselves from the unofficial flyers, blaming a "few fans".

"We are against any discrimination," Lazio spokesperson Arturo Diaconale said to Italian media.

"It's not the position of society... There is a huge number of Lazio fans, whereas this is an initiative from a few fans. We cannot always intervene to prevent politically incorrect demonstrations like this one."

It's not the first time Lazio fans have courted trouble -- last season fans left Anti-Semitic stickers and graffiti in the stadium during a Serie A match against Cagliari.

Images of Anne Frank in a AS Roma jersey were also used.

Bologna fans handed out flyers that said "We are all Anne Frank" to fans at  their next game against Lazio, while Bologna players wore training shirts that read "No to Anti-Semitism."

The Italian football federation announced that there will be a minute's reflection on the Holocaust before every match and a passage read from 'The Diary of Anne Frank'. Image: Getty Images

Officials from Lazio visited Rome's Synagogue following the incident to repair ties with the Jewish community.