Neymar Jr. Admits He Dives In Bizarre Advert

Stay on your damn feet.

Just four years ago, Neymar Jr. was slated as being the next big thing in the soccer world, instead he has become a running joke.

Neymar has answered back at his critics, after his antics at the World Cup in Russia lead the Brazilian to become a ridiculed meme.

Admitting he dives in a bizarre advert campaign with Gillette Brazil, Neymar begs his fans for forgiveness.

"You may think I fall too much, but the truth is I did not fall, I fell apart," he said.

"That hurts more than any step on an operated ankle."

His passion for the game and the fear of disappointing his fans is behind his exaggerated reactions to knocks on the field.

"It is because I still haven't learned to disappoint you. When I look impolite, it is not because I am a spoiled kid. It is because I have not learned how to be frustrated," Neymar said in the advert.

But the future is about becoming a different person.

"I took long to accept your criticism. I took long to look at myself in the mirror and become a new man," he said.

Many were keen to ridicule the soccer player on social media, slamming Neymar for his egotistical apology.

Only time will tell if Neymar can become the soccer juggernaut he once was, or if his legacy will remain being the punchline of a joke.