Lionel Messi And His Unusual Training Partner

That's a bloody big dog.

Soccer pre-season is in full swing for the stars of the game, but Lionel Messi has an unusual practice partner.

The five-time Ballon d'Or winner was caught playing keepy-uppies with his giant (read: monster) dog, and the video was posted to his wife's, Antonella Roccuzzo, Instagram.

Teasing the poor dog, aptly named Señor Hulk, Messi deftly flicks the ball over his head as he chases.

It's a risk for the pint-sized player to take by teasing a dog that big.

The Barcelona star headed back to training on Tuesday, but we doubt any of his training partners will be as cute as Señor Hulk.

The Messi-Roccuzzo family have been owners of Señor Hulk since January 2016, when he was slightly smaller.

But the puppy didn't stay that small for long, with Señor Hulk growing fast in just eight months -- as Dogue de Bordeaux, or French Mastiffs tend to do.

That's a big dog.