Watch Richmond's Absolutely Freakish AFL 'Goal Of The Year' Contender

"Jack Higgins has just kicked the best goal I've ever seen"

Richmond player Jack Higgins has scored an absolutely remarkable goal that is already being hailed as a lock for the best of the year, juggling the ball and running behind a goalpost before kicking over his head in a near-somersault.

Higgins and the Tigers took on Collingwood on Saturday afternoon. Richmond would go on to record a convincing win, prevailing 105-77, but the game will be remembered most for the spectacular effort in the third quarter with the game still in the balance.

The ball was booted deep into Richmond's forward 50, with a number of players leaping for the mark and all missing. The ball dribbled along the ground, destined to bounce over the line for a one-point behind, but Higgins had other plans.

He chased the ball down, tapping it back into the field of play just as it was about to go over the line for a minor score. He then ran behind the post and, in one movement with his back to the goal, jumped for an overhead kick to boot the ball in for a score.

Collingwood players protested, and referees were confused about what to do, with the incident referred to video officials. On replay, the goal was awarded, and fans went nuts. Even the opponents had to give it the praise it deserved.

"I've got  no idea. I didn't even know it was that good," Higgins said of the goal, in an interview with 3AW radio after the game.

"I thought of a cricket catch, over the boundary line then putting it back in... it came to me like that."

"The ball was going out, I had no other options... I soccer-ed it over my head, it was pretty sick."