The State Of Origin Photo That Has Pissed Off A Lot Of Fans

"How disgusting and just disrespectful"

The NSW Blues team reclaimed the State of Origin shield on Wednesday night, but almost immediately after sparked outrage by drinking beer off the trophy.

The Blues lost the third and final game in the series in Brisbane 18-12. The team had been gunning for a rare clean sweep after winning the first game in Melbourne and clinching an unassailable series lead with victory in Sydney last month, but were thwarted by a passionate Queensland side.

It meant celebrations were slightly soured, with the Blues being presented with the Origin shield -- the first time since 2014, and only the second time since 2006 -- after losing the game, but the players enjoyed a victory lap around Suncorp Stadium nonetheless.

The National Rugby League posted this photo on their official Instagram late on Wednesday night.

It shows Damian Cook and Tariq Sims holding the Origin shield, as Angus Crichton sips a beer poured down the trophy by Cook like an ice luge shot.

The caption on the photo is "shieldy", a reference to a "shoey", where beer is drunk out of a shoe.

The team is sponsored by Tooheys New.

The photo has been slammed by many on social media, and comes just weeks after a study from alcohol policy researchers showed domestic violence rates in NSW are more than 40 percent higher than average on the day of Origin games.

NSW players celebrate winning the 2018 State of Origin series (AAP Image/Darren England)

“The drivers of domestic violence are complex and many, however, the disturbing findings released today suggest the State of Origin’s particular celebration of heavy drinking, masculinity, tribalism, and the toxic level of aggressive alcohol promotion have collided in such a way as to encourage drinking to excess and domestic violence," said Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education chief executive, Michael Thorn.

Both Origin teams are sponsored by alcohol brands -- XXXX for Queensland, Tooheys New for NSW -- while other booze labels like Bundaberg Rum and Carlton Dry have had close associations and sponsorships with rugby league in recent years.

"Disrespecting the trophy there," one person wrote on Instagram.

"NSW do not deserve it look how they're treating it. This is foul," said another.

"How disgusting and just disrespectful not only to the trophy but the NRL as well that is not how you use the trophy that is completely wrong. At least with Queensland we know respect," another person commented.

"No problem with celebration, but these pics just make them look like idiots... no to mention what it says about team culture," one said.

Others pointed out that drinking from sporting trophies or cups is commonplace, and defended the Blues' celebration.