Matt White Talks Sports Tonight To Ten Daily

"Sport is a passion of what we do here."

It may have a new design, new faces and new content, but Sports Tonight is coming back with the same passion that set the bar for sports coverage for millions.

Once a staple of Australian television-viewing, Sports Tonight has been absent from our screens for seven years, but returning host Matt White is rearing to bring back the iconic show.

The reboot is the brainchild of White, and he has played a big role in the design of the show -- from the news content to the graphics and set style.

Fresh off a Logie win, White sat down with ten daily, and gave the lowdown on what sports fans around the country can expect in the 2018 reboot.

Sports Tonight began with a bang in 1993, and changed the way audiences consumed sport. The daily show gave millions of fans access to overseas and niche sports like never before.

"It felt like we spent our whole day gathering really cool information that we just loved doing, and we would sent it out at night, wrapped up in this really cool show," White said.

But in a world where everyone has access to all the sport content they could want, Sports Tonight has had to change their winning formula.

Viewers can still expect the sports news of the day but it will be delivered differently to the past.

For the first time, the show will be hosted by a panel -- White will be joined by NRL legend Laurie Daley and AFL hardman Josh Gibson.

"They'll bring a lot of experience, they'll bring a hell of a lot of analysis, they'll bring interest because they are interested in what they are talking about," he said.

Fans of the show will be glad to hear Play Of The Day will be back -- an institution of Sports Tonight in the past.

"Everyone used to go 'hey mate, Play Of The Day,' and yell out to you in the street, and things like that," White joked.

A new frontier for the show will be the lack of barriers between the NRL and AFL world.

"Back when we first started this, there were very, sort of, definitive lines between rugby league and AFL... and never the two shall meet," White said.

Lead by White,  the panel will be crossing into each other's territories.

"They'll also be interested in what they think about what they think about each other's sports as well."

But while White admits Daley and Gibson may be premiership winning players who represented their country, he's the one with the Logie. And that's what matters in TV-world.

Sports Tonight will hit the screen LIVE on July 15 at 9.15pm on TEN and WIN.