'Disgraceful, Obscene, Inappropriate': Some Reactions To Barry Hall's On-Air Comment

'Barry Hall just Barry Halled his post match football career.'

AFL great Barry Hall was sacked from a role on Triple M after he made an inappropriate comment regarding former player Leigh Montagna's wife.

Montagna's wife is pregnant and Hall referenced a medical technique called 'membrane swiping', which is used to induce labor. In his comments he suggested the doctor acted inappropriately towards the pregnant woman.

In the Friday evening broadcast, Hall was joined by Leigh Montagna, AFL commentator Mark Howard, former player Nathan Brown and journalist Damien Barrett. Following the comment in question members of the panel can be heard laughing.

Listeners, celebrities, football players and members of the general public identified a number of issues with the exchange. The discussion lasted just 25 seconds but people were quick to pinpoint a number of issues with the broadcast. Chief among these were misogyny and problems with AFL culture.

Many Twitter users were offended by the comments, calling them 'disgusting' or 'vile' highlighting their misogynistic nature.

Many were also quick to notice the laughing reactions of some of the panel members following Hall's comments. Journalist Tracey Spicer tweeted saying the comments shouldn't be dismissed as 'locker room' talk but that they highlighted a deeper issue about women and sexual assault.

While Barry Hall's future on radio is uncertain, it's clear many Triple M listeners no longer have time for him.