Fans Furious After Optus Sports Live Streaming Problems

A whole lot of misses when everyone wanted goals.

While soccer fans around Australia were ready to dive into the world of live sport streaming, it seems Optus was not.

Optus Sport was the sole broadcaster of Friday night's game between Uruguay and Egypt, which was the first match of the FIFA World Cup being played at a relatively Australian viewer-friendly time.

Viewers around Australia experienced interruptions throughout the match, leaving them furious with the quality of the streaming service. Former Socceroo Robbie Slater and Matilda Sam Kerr were among those unhappy with Optus' performance.

Other fans echoed their sentiment, sighting buffering problems and streaming disruptions as major problems.

Optus is the only Australian broadcaster with rights to show all 64 games during the tournament after striking a deal with the free-to-air SBS, who will screen just 25 matches.

For the first half of the game, the Optus Sport Twitter account functioned normally, tweeting out live match updates.  The apparent ignorance of the problem, however, frustrated fans even more.

Optus Sport released a statement after the game sighting large volumes of viewers as the problem with their service.

“Some Optus Sport customers experienced a disruption to their 2018 FIFA World Cup viewing experience on Friday night,” the statement read.

“This was due to an extremely high number of viewers logging into our platforms just before kick-off causing some systems to overload.

“While most customers on most platforms were unaffected, we apologise unreservedly to those customers who were, and are continuing to investigate the cause of these systems issues.”