Horn-Crawford Showdown: Aussie Loses Hold Of WBO Welterweight Boxing Title

Crawford knocked out Horn in the ninth round, taking the WBO welterweight championship title from the Australian boxer.

It was pipped to be a quick end to Jeff Horn’s 15 minutes of fame.

While the Aussie boxer had been out to shock the world, going up against Terence Crawford to retain his WBO welterweight championship, the unbeaten American star proved just that -- unbeatable.

Crawford handed the Aussie a comprehensive defeat, with a nine-round technical knockout at  the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas to claim the title. 

Jeff Horn faces off against Terence Crawford in Las Vegas. Source: AAP

The Queenslander said he was disappointed to lose to Crawford but did not see the result as a major setback.

“I’m disappointed but I’m not hurt at all,” Horn said, after the fight.

“Things happen -- my first loss as professional, I can keep going, I can rebuild.

“He was a tricky boxer out there, he's hard to tag. He managed to clip me ... good on him. 

"I could have faked it a bit more, kept him guessing."

It had been a rousing welcome for the American as he stepped into the ring -- and a hostile one for Horn.

Booing filled the arena, with a crowd of 8112 mostly against him.

The Aussie was this time in peak physical and mental condition, weighing about 70.3 kilograms (155 pounds) after rehydrating -- his third attempt to make weight for the fight.

With the stage set, Horn came out firing in round one, as Crawford tried to stay at range. The American landed cleaner shots in what appeared to be a 10-9 lead.

He took out the next two rounds, landing shots with a speed Horn was struggling to match.

Crawford kept delivering in the fourth and fifth, while referee Robert Byrd warned Horn for holding as he fell behind on the scorecard.

By the halfway point, the American seemed in control, as the title began to slip from the former schoolteacher’s reach.

American Terence Crawford was too good for Horn. Source: AAP

It was all over in round nine, as the referee stopped the fight with 27 seconds to go.

Byrd asked Horn to "show me something", but he had nothing left to give.

Crawford now remains undefeated in his 33 professional fights, including 24 by knockout.

He now has world titles in three different divisions, putting him in elite company with Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather and Oscar de la Hoya.

The fight had all the customary glitz that comes with boxing, with actors Lady Gaga and Mark Wahlberg and a handful of NFL and NBA players among the A-listers watching from ringside.

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