Treasurer Josh Frydenberg Tested For COVID-19 After Coughing Outburst In Parliament

After bursting out coughing on the floor of parliament, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has been tested for coronavirus and is currently in isolation awaiting results.

Frydenberg was mid-way through delivering an economic statement to the House of Representatives on Tuesday when he suddenly suffered a coughing fit.

He appeared to temporarily lose his voice, coughing repeatedly into his hands and elbow, before taking deep gulps of water.

Josh Frydenberg Has Coughing Fit In Parliament

Prime Minister Scott Morrison and other senior ministers were just metres from Frydenberg at the time.

The treasurer laughed it off at the time, blaming a "long speech", but on Tuesday afternoon he revealed he was in isolation awaiting results of a coronavirus test.



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Having to reapply coronavirus lockdowns due to new outbreaks could cost Australia $4 billion a week, treasurer Josh Frydenberg said in a COVID economic statement.

"Today while delivering my ministerial statement I had a dry mouth and a cough," Frydenberg said in a statement.

"After question time I sought the advice of the Deputy Chief Medical Officer (DCMO). The DCMO advised me that out of an abundance of caution it was prudent I be tested for COVID-19."

The treasurer said he "immediately left parliament house to be tested and will await the result in isolation."

"I expect the result of my test to be provided tomorrow."

10 daily understands PM Morrison will wait for the results of Frydenberg's test results before isolating or taking a test himself, and follow any medical advice given.