Mike Bloomberg Trolling Donald Trump With 'Cheat', 'Burnt Steak' Billboards

Democratic candidate and billionaire Mike Bloomberg is turning his fortune to trolling Donald Trump, with a series of amusing billboards popping up on the campaign trail.

Bloomberg is looking beyond the war being waged against him by the Democratic primary field toward general election opponent President Trump, trolling him with billboards where the president himself is campaigning in the West this week.



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CBS News has exclusively learned that the billboards are going up in Phoenix and Las Vegas, where Trump will be campaigning Friday. The billboards are appearing in high visibility areas near a Trump hotel property on the Vegas Strip, and also along potential motorcade routes where the president may see them as he drives by.

Should Trump look out the window of the presidential limousine, he could see billboards blaring, "Donald Trump cheats at golf," and "Donald Trump eats burnt steak."

There's also, "Donald Trump lost the popular vote" and "Donald Trump went broke running a casino."

"Americans deserve to know that Donald Trump cheats at golf and went broke running a casino," Bloomberg campaign spokeswoman Galia Slayen said in a statement released by the campaign.

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The feud between the two New York billionaires has escalated since Bloomberg began to see a sharp uptick in polling as a result of his enormous ad spending.

In Bloomberg's second FEC filing, his campaign reported spending over $460 million dollars total since he entered the race in late November through the end of January.

Democratic Presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg is considered the dark horse in this race. Image: Getty

According to the ad tracking service Kantar/CMAG, the campaign will have spent more than $415 million in TV, radio and digital advertising since its launch.

After Bloomberg's lackluster debate debut this week, Trump took to Twitter Wednesday night to mock the former New York mayor's performance, tweeting, "Mini Mike Bloomberg's debate performance tonight was perhaps the worst in the history of debates, and there have been some really bad ones."

"He was stumbling, bumbling and grossly incompetent. If this doesn't knock him out of the race, nothing will. Not so easy to do what I did," Trump claimed.