Donald Trump Is Upset About An Embarrassing Photo Showing His Tan Line

Photos appearing to clearly show Donald Trump's tan line around his face have gone viral, and the President is not happy.

"More Fake News," Trump claimed, of photos captured on Saturday showing the wind blowing his hair out of its signature physics-defying coiff. The breeze lifted the Don's floppy locks, exposing a very visible line of pale skin against his far darker, more orange tint of his face.

The pictures were snapped on Saturday as the President walked across the South Lawn of the White House. He had just jumped off his helicopter, returning to Washington D.C. after speaking at an event in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Photographer William Moon shared these photos on Twitter, where they quickly racked up thousands of retweets -- more than 12,000, as of time of writing.

Moon later posted a black-and-white version of the same photo, which showed the contrast even more clearly.

The photographer claimed Trump was "dancing with the sunset and strong winds".

Trump has long denied he uses fake tan or tanning beds, simply claiming his famous colour is just genetic.

The photos went viral, with countless people quickly spotting the contrast between the hue of Trump's face and the colour closer to his ears.

As you can see, the man is absolutely glowing.

In case you were wondering -- no, Moon wasn't the only photographer to grab this pic.

Another version of the same shot was captured by a Getty Images photographer.

Trump on the South Lawn. Image: Getty

However, Trump was not happy to see the photos going around. As people made jokes, the President fired up his Twitter profile and fought back, claiming -- despite multiple photos clearly showing the same visual -- that the images had "obviously" been altered.

Moon responded soon after, writing on his own Twitter that the photos were "never Photoshopped" but admitting he had used a smartphone app to "adjust" the colour.

Will we ever learn the secrets of Trump's skincare routine? We live in hope.