Adam Bandt Wins Greens Leadership Vote To Replace Richard Di Natale

Victorian MP Adam Bandt is the new leader of the Greens, winning the second party leadership vote in Canberra on Tuesday.

Just minutes after Michael McCormack fended off a Barnaby Joyce challenge to remain Nationals leader, the Greens held their own party room ballot after former leader Richard Di Natale stepped down on Monday.



Barnaby Joyce Loses Nationals Leadership Vote, Michael McCormack Remains Deputy PM

Barnaby Joyce will remain on the parliamentary backbench after failing to unseat Nationals leader Michael McCormack in a party room ballot.

Bandt, the Member for Melbourne and former co-deputy leader, won the Greens leadership.

McKim, Waters, Bandt and Rachel Siewert speak to the media after the vote. Image: AAP

Tasmanian senator Nick McKim won a vote to become the party's co-deputy leader, joining Larissa Waters, a senator for Queensland, who retained her co-deputy leader spot.

Bandt tweeted soon after that he was "honoured" to be elected.

Larissa Waters retained her co-deputy leader position. Image: AAP

Upon winning the Greens leadership, Bandt immediately said his priority is a 'Green New Deal' for Australia -- where the "climate emergency" would be factored into policies around the economy, employment, energy, health and education.

The Greens have backed a 'Green New Deal' -- a term used by progressive campaigners, such as American politicians Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez -- for some time.

"A Green New Deal is a government-led plan of investment and action to build a clean economy and a caring society. Under a Green New Deal, government takes the lead in creating new jobs and industries, and delivering universal services to ensure nobody is left behind," the Greens' website outlined.

"A Green New Deal is a massive opportunity to change the way we do things in Australia, to solve the climate crisis and to ensure everyone has a good life."

Sanders, one of the frontrunners for the Democratic presidential nomination to take on Donald Trump in November's general election, described a 'Green New Deal' as a "nationwide mobilization centered around justice and equity during which climate change will be factored into virtually every area of policy, from immigration to trade to foreign policy and beyond."

Bandt (right) with former Greens leader Di Natale and co-deputy Waters. Image: AAP

Bandt took aim at the government over bushfires, smoke and climate change, perhaps a signal of his intent to be more provocative and combative than Di Natale.

"We are facing a climate emergency, a jobs crisis, an inequality crisis, and the Government's only response is to shrug and say, 'well, get used to it, because this is the new normal.' Well, I refuse to adapt to kids wearing gas masks. I refuse to accept a society where people put off having children because they are feeling so insecure about their jobs and their life," he said.

"I refuse to accept people living in poverty in a country as wealthy as ours. And I refuse to accept the dismal standard of this Government, led by Scotty from marketing, whose love of coal has contributed to these fires that we are seeing at the moment, and the climate emergency we are facing."

More to come.