Argentina's New President Bullied Over Insta Famous Son

Argentina's new president Alberto Fernández has repeatedly copped backlash over his son Estanislao.

Estanislao, 24, works in insurance and studies design.

He's also an Instagram famous model 'Dyhzy', known for his creative cosplay and drag outfits.

Most recently he has appeared dressed as Batman's Joker, a Spice Girl and Pikachu from Pokemon.

Last Sunday his father, centre-left politician Fernández won the Argentina election, ousting conservative President Mauricio Macri.

The new leader has gripped power at a time when the nation's economy is in turmoil.

Argentina's president-elect Alberto Fernandez hugs his son Estanislao. Image: Getty

Fernandez has championed LGBT issues and praised his son, calling him "a great man".

I have pride in my son, how can I not be proud?

“My son is a rights activist in that community. I would worry if my son was a criminal, but he is a great man,” he said in an interview in June.

LGBT rights in Argentina are some of the world's most advanced, with the country being the first in Latin America to legalise same-sex marriage in 2010.

But not everyone is happy about the new president's link to the LGBT community through his son.

Following his win, the son of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonoro - Eduardo - responded by retweeting an image of himself holding a gun. He also compared himself with a photo of Estanislao dressed in a Pikachu costume.

"This is not a meme," he commented.

Soon after, Estanislao responded in Portuguese, commenting: "Brazilian brothers, we are in this fight together. I love you" - he also included emojis of a rainbow flag and heart.

He then followed up with another tweet in Spanish, the national language in Argentina.

"Many people from Brazil began to follow me and I want to tell the LGBTTTIQQA + community and allies of Brazil that we are together in this fight," he wrote on his own Twitter.

Estanislao is a popular cosplayer who is the son of Argentina's new president. Image: Instagram

"Remember that love always conquers hatred and among us, we must always take care of ourselves," he wrote.

Trolls have blasted Estanislao on social media since his father announced he was running for Argentina's presidency back in May.

The attacks escalated even further after his father won the election.

"The one who couldn't even educate his son and straighten him to be a real man is the one they hope to run a country? Poor Argentina," one person wrote.

"Here you have it, the son of Alberto Fernández. Now I understand why he preferred to show more of his dog Dylan [during his campaign]," wrote an Argentinean writer on Twitter. 

"I'm ashamed to be Argentinean with that character, if your son came out like this, imagine how he's going to rule us," another added.

It's not the first time that Fernández and his son have been targeted by critics.

Estanislao has been candid about the impacts of his father's presidency.



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