Barnaby Joyce Urges Government To Save Julian Assange From Extradition

Barnaby Joyce is calling on the federal government to stop the extradition of Julian Assange from the United Kingdom to America.

The outspoken Nationals backbencher wants Australia to step up its diplomatic efforts once the WikiLeaks founder serves his jail time in the UK.

Joyce said the whistleblower should enjoy the same rights as every Australian citizen.

"I, in no way shape or form, give a character recommendation about Assange. That's not the issue. The issue is the sovereignty of the laws," he told reporters in Canberra on Monday.

"And the law is for those you both like or dislike, or have no opinion on."

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Barnaby Joyce. Image: AAP Image/James Gourley.

Joyce argues if a person commits a crime in another country while they are there, they should be judged by those laws.

"If a person is residing in Australia and commits a crime in another country, I don't believe that that is a position for extradition," he said.

"If they weren't actually there, if they weren't present there, that is a question for Australian law.

"We have to follow the principle, even if we don't have regard for the person."

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Julian Assange. Jack Taylor/Getty.

However, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg appears unmoved by his coalition colleague's entreaty.

"He (Assange) ultimately will face the justice for what he's been alleged to have done, but that is a legal process that will run its course," Frydenberg told ABC News.

"But we will continue, as a government, to provide him with the appropriate consular services."