Trump Stumped By Don Bradman Joke At Box Factory Tour

A joke comparing Scott Morrison to cricketing legend Don Bradman has left Donald Trump confused, as the leaders toured a box factory in the American midwest.

Morrison was continuing his U.S. trip with a visit to Ohio, swapping the glitz and glamour of fancy White House dinners for the decidedly less swanky surrounds of a paper recycling facility.

The Prime Minister joined President Trump in the town of Wapakoneta, where Australian billionaire Anthony Pratt has recently opened the newest factory in his Visy Industries empire. Called the 'cardboard king' by some, Pratt was also an official guest at the state dinner in Morrison's honour, and he tried to repay the favour by feting both world leaders in Ohio.

'Macho Man' played over the speakers as the president and PM toured the paper mill's facilities.

Trump, Pratt and Morrison, taking in the sights of the box factory. Photo: AAP

Trump labelled billionaire boxmaker Pratt "one of the most successful men in the world", a compliment paid after Pratt pledged several years ago that he would invest $5 billion in the United States if Trump won the presidency.

Pratt is a generous political donor, with Australian Electoral Commission disclosures revealing his Pratt Industries company donated more than $200,000 to the Liberal Party  between July 2017 and June 2018.

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Pratt told the president that the expansion of his paper kingdom would create 9000 jobs -- "that's a lot of jobs", Trump replied -- and also talked up Morrison's record on employment, claiming he had generated 29,000 jobs a month since he was treasurer.

In August, the Australian economy added nearly 35,000 new jobs, but unemployment figures rose by 0.1 to 5.3 percent.

A Trump supporter, complete with novelty hat, at the box factory. Photo: AAP

"The prime minister is the Don Bradman of Australian job creation," Pratt said of Morrison, comparing him to the famous 'boy from Bowral' with the 99.94 batting average.

Trump, who could be forgiven for not being an avid student of cricketing history, looked confused. He turned to Pratt, a quizzical expression on his face.

"Don Bradman was our Babe Ruth," Pratt quickly added for the President's benefit, comparing Bradman to the champion American baseball star, who dominated the sport during the early part of the 20th century.

"Oh wow," Trump replied.

"In cricket," Morrison helpfully replied.

Scott Morrison was compared to this guy, whacking another one against the Poms at Lord's in 1930. Photo: AAP

Trump had last week called Morrison "a man of titanium" in the Oval Office.

While it was ostensibly a visit to note the work of an Australian making his mark in the U.S., it arguably turned into a de facto campaign event for Trump, who is up for re-election next year. Trump supporters, some in novelty presidential merchandise, filled the factory and cheered -- while Trump himself later tweeted a slick, campaign-style video of the visit.

Trump and Morrison also unveiled a special plaque to commemorate their visit to the facility which, we stress again, is a box factory.

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The nearly 2000 people waiting to see the president speak were muted in their roars for the unknown Morrison, but warmed to him after Trump touted the coalition's election victory, which he put down to the prime minister believing many of the same things as him.

"He's a good gentleman and they love him in Australia and now they love him in the United States," he said.

Trump and Pratt unveil the plaque, at the box factory. Photo: AAP

Morrison further endeared himself by attempting an American-accented pronunciation of Wapakoneta.

"And they tell me this is called Wapak - is that right?" he said, stumbling over the town's nickname.

"You think I would get it better. We've got Wagga Wagga, Wollongong, Wallerawang, Wangaratta, Warnambool, Woolloomooloo.

"So Wapak, that fits right in, a little bit of Australia right here in Ohio."

But many people just couldn't get past the fact that Morrison had travelled halfway around the world to visit what, for all intents and purposes, is a box factory.

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