Scott Morrison Finally Addresses Lingering 'Engadine Maccas' Jokes

After months of silence, the Prime Minister has finally talked about *those* rumours about a McDonalds restaurant in 1997.

Since ascending to the top job last year, Scott Morrison has been dogged with jokes online about an ~alleged incident~ at an Engadine McDonald's restaurant after a Cronulla Sharks NRL game. We won't detail the claims, which we must stress have literally no evidence or veracity beyond a widespread internet meme, but you can easily find them online.

The meme got play on radio stations, talk shows and across the internet, but Morrison stoically did not address the bubbling conversation during the recent federal election period -- despite it being, as 10 daily can confirm, widely discussed on the press bus following the PM.

Behind the scenes and on background, Morrison's team also poo-pooed any suggestion the rumours were true.

The jokes even took on physical form, plastered around Morrison's electorate of Cook, and around the country.

These stickers went up during the election. Photo: Brown Cardigan/Instagram

But now, months after the loo jokes simmered down, the Prime Minister himself has reignited the conversation, finally acknowledging the gag in a speech to a room full of journalists.

Wednesday night marked the annual Midwinter Ball for the Canberra parliamentary press gallery, where members of the media mingle with politicians and business leaders at a black-tie dinner event raising money for charity.

The event is usually "off the record", a media term meaning that all in attendance agree that nothing said or heard during the event will be reported in the media. It's a convention that allows for frank and honest discussions.


But parts of Wednesday's event were, for the first time, on the record -- coming after parts of former PM Malcolm Turnbull's 2018 speech at the dinner, where he imitated US President Donald Trump, were recorded and leaked.

Morrison and Albanese gave speeches, with varying levels of comedy, but it was a line in the PM's speech that pricked up the ears of many. Commenting on the fact 2019's dinner was on the record, Morrison lamented that he couldn't be as honest as he wanted to be.

"You won't get to hear... what really happened at the Engadine McDonalds in 1997," he joked, to big cheers and laughs from a shocked audience.

"It will remain a mystery of the ages."

It went over better than some of his other jokes, including one about press freedom where he said "it's great to have all the Canberra political journalists in the room tonight because it's much easier to get your metadata that way."

It shocked many.

Albanese's best gag was agreed to be one of the final lines of his speech, where he told attendees "dance like nobody's watching, talk like the security agencies aren't listening and donate like Gladys Liu is organising."

While the mystery is still not yet solved, the PM's acknowledgement of the toilet meme shows at least he's self-aware.