Peter Dutton Stars In Rap Video And People Are Going Wild

Soundtracked by an explicit DMX song, a video of Peter Dutton visiting a local car company and being called "the baddest MP" is heating up the internet.

"X gon' give it to ya," blares as Dutton's black 4WD rolls into the parking lot of SCD America Vehicles, a car company in the northern Brisbane suburb of Brendale.

The 2003 song of the same name might be the first time the Minister for Home Affairs has been mentioned in the same breath as American rapper DMX, a repeat criminal offender with jail stints for drug charges, driving offences, tax fraud, and for stealing a dog.

"F**k waitin' for you to get it on your own, X gonna deliver to ya," the song continues, as the Minister for Home Affairs -- in slow-motion -- strides across the lot to shake hands with employees.

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The video, posted on SCD's Facebook page last week, tracks a visit from Dutton to the business in his local electorate of Dickson. It's not a parody or a joke -- 10 daily spoke to Eddie, the owner of SCD, who said he was a fan of Dutton's.

"Most people hang s**t on Mr Dutton, but he's actually a really good guy," Eddie said.

Photo: SCD American Vehicles

"We turned what would be a normal politician's visit into a fun video. You go through our history on Facebook, that's what we do. A lot of older companies are in this business, but we're a young fresh company, so we made something interesting out of it. We were proud of him coming to our business."

It's scenes reminiscent of Scott Morrison's infamous Fatman Scoop moment, when the Prime Minister's team tweeted a video on his official Twitter account of him asking MPs to raise their hands in Question Time -- soundtracked by the song 'Be Faithful'. People later realised that the song was actually quite explicit, and the video was deleted with Morrison issuing an pology.

However, rapper Fatman Scoop loved it, and he and Morrison soon struck up an unlikely social media conversation where the PM was invited to an upcoming festival.

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SCD's Eddie said the company sold "new and used high performance American vehicles", with the company importing overseas models and converting them to a right-hand drive so they can be used on Australian roads.

The start of the video -- before long, lingering shots of highly-polished muscle cars and trucks fill the screen -- sees a subtitle declaring Dutton to be "the baddest MP". Eddie said this wasn't a criticism.

"By 'baddest', we mean that he's not afraid to make the tough decisions," the owner said.

Photo: SCD American Vehicles

"He got everyone with a massive smile on their face. He just made everyone feel important."

As Dutton is taken on a tour of the facility -- the employees pointing out their machinery, the Minister inspecting vehicles and shaking hands -- the booming 'X Gonna Give It To Ya' keeps playing at full volume.

The song has appeared in movies including 'Deadpool' and 'Cradle 2 The Grave', as well as on TV show 'Rick and Morty' -- as well as peaking at 60 on the US Billboard chart and number six on the UK singles chart.

"Go hard, getting busy with it, but I got such a good heart that I'll make a motherf**ker wonder if he did it," the song continues.

"Damn right, and I'll do it again, 'cause I am right so I gots to win. Break bread with the enemy, but no matter how many cats I break bread with I'll break who you sendin' me."

Photo: SCD American Vehicles

Dutton's office declined to comment when approached by 10 daily, but many people online can't get enough of it.

"Brilliant guys. Well done! That's how you market even what would normally be a boring corporate video," one viewer wrote on Facebook.

"This is amazing," said another.

Nearly 200 comments have been placed on the video as of time of writing.

"This is everything and more," one person said, while another had a more blunt comment.

"F**king Queenslanders man."