Sleeveless Bob Katter Chains Self To Shovel In Anti-Anti-Adani Protest, Is Kinda Swole

It was a case of sun's out, guns out for MP Bob Katter, who staged a strange protest in the baking Queensland sun, chaining himself to a shovel in protest against anti-Adani demonstrators.

Katter, the member for the North QLD seat of Kennedy, pulled another stunt on Wednesday as he posed alongside a rail line near Townsville in jeans, work boots, a plain white singlet and his famous wide-brimmed Akubra hat.

The controversial independent MP said the demonstration – where he chained himself to a shovel – was in protest of protests against the Adani Carmichael coal mine.

Katter is also calling for a local company to own the rail line to connect the Galilee Basin (where the Adani mine will be located) to Abbot Point Port (where the coal will be loaded onto ships).

“We want North Queensland to own the rail line into the Galilee and not some foreign corporation,” Katter said.

"Our rail line will open up all of the Galilee not just a small part of it. This bloke, he’s chained himself to the drill rig so we can’t work. Well, I’m chaining myself to the shovel so I have to work – for all of the Galilee, not one corporation."

Photo: Kate Downie/supplied

Katter stood beside crude hand-painted signs reading 'Lights for China India' and 'Our coal our rail our jobs'.

The MP claimed, "whoever owns the rail line will control the Galilee".

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Adani's original proposal for a 388-kilometre rail line was scrapped in favour of a plan to add a 200-km extension which would connect the mine with existing rail infrastructure. The construction of the new line is still under review.

"This rail line will be owned by north Queensland," Katter has pledged.

"Give us the power, and we will give you the rail line."

Photo: Kate Downie/supplied

But many people simply couldn't take their eyes off the Member for Kennedy's arms.

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Katter who has consistently backed calls for relaxation of firearm laws –including earlier this year suggesting that kids be armed with air rifles to hunt cane toads, and once starred in a campaign ad with the owners of the satirical news site The Betoota Advocate where he appeared to shoot dead two people representing the Labor and Liberal parties – indeed seems to have some guns of his own.