Howard Says Morrison Is Doing A 'Remarkable Job' And Will Win Next Election

John Howard says Scott Morrison has done an "amazing" job in the Liberal leadership and has brought stability the party has not seen for more than a decade.

Former prime minister John Howard has heaped praise on Scott Morrison and declared the Liberals in the best shape since 2007, when he was ousted at the federal election.

Howard, Australia's second-longest serving prime minister, says Morrison has brought stability to the coalition party room.

"I rate him very highly, very highly. He has done an amazing job … especially when most people didn't give him a chance of winning," Howard told The Weekend Australian.

"Firstly he has stabilised the party … now for the first time in a number of years the parliamentary party is very stable … there are no fault lines.

"Secondly he has quickly established a rapport with the public. He identified a winning strategy and knew what was going to advantage us and he stuck to it.

"The parliamentary party is in better shape than it has been since we lost in 2007."

Image: AAP

Howard led Australia from 1996 to 2007 and won four elections.

He is surpassed only by Robert Menzies, who served more than 18 years in the top job.

Howard said people did not perceive Morrison as having undermined his predecessor Malcolm Turnbull, who resigned before a leadership spill last year.

"I don't believe it and most people don't believe it," Howard said.

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"He has done a remarkable job. Many people in the party were angry that Malcolm had been kicked out … just as many were angry when Tony (Abbott) was kicked out.

"(Morrison) took over in very difficult circumstances. The loss of Wentworth was a very big setback."

In an interview with the Australian Financial Review, the former PM said Morrison could secure another term.

"The party has been given a win many thought was not possible. He deserves the overwhelming credit for that.

"People are very united behind him. There are no internal fault lines for the first time in a long time."